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Re: Tarjeta de TV Miro PCTV

Compila como modulos el bttv y los i2c en el kernel y luego pones el archivo miropctv en /etc/modutils y luego ejecutas update-modules.

Si quieres usar además el mando a distancia instala el lirc y pon el archivo lircd.conf en /etc/lirc y el .lircrc en tu directorio... bueno el .lircrc cada uno lo pone como le apetece, pero te mando el mio para que te hagas una idea.

# contributed by Bart Alewijnse <scarfboy@yahoo.com>
# brand:             Pinnacle Systems
# model:             PCTV Remote (Perhaps other ones as well)
# supported devices: there's only one I know of. (serial) 
# Mail me if your remote is only partly supported, or if it has different
# buttons than listed below.

begin remote

  name  PinnacleSysPCTVRemote
  bits            8
  eps             30
  aeps            100

  one             0     0
  zero            0     0
  gap             180000

  begin codes
    Mute                     0x000000000000003C
    Power                    0x000000000000002F
    Chan+Play                0x000000000000003F
    Chan-Stop                0x000000000000003E
    Vol+FF                   0x000000000000003B
    Vol-Rew                  0x000000000000003D
    1                        0x0000000000000031
    2                        0x0000000000000032
    3                        0x0000000000000033
    4                        0x0000000000000034
    5                        0x0000000000000035
    6                        0x0000000000000036
    7                        0x0000000000000037
    8                        0x0000000000000038
    9                        0x0000000000000039
    Fullscreen               0x000000000000002D
    0/AV                     0x000000000000003A
    Info                     0x000000000000002B
    Preview                  0x000000000000002E
    Record                   0x0000000000000027
    Chan_Last                0x0000000000000025
    F_TV                     0x0000000000000026
    F_TELETEXT               0x0000000000000029
    F_RADIO                  0x000000000000002A

# here are some extra buttons a new version of the remote seems to have
# contributed by Robbert Monna <rjmonna@kabelfoon.nl>
# brand:             Pinnacle Systems
# model:             PCTV Remote (newest version?)
# supported devices: dongle on serial port (from TV-Card)
          L                        0x000000000000001F
          Zoom                     0x000000000000001E
          vol+                     0x000000000000001B
          vol-                     0x000000000000000F
          channel+                 0x0000000000000017
          channel-                 0x000000000000001C
          middle                   0x000000000000001A
          Menu                     0x000000000000001D
          next                     0x0000000000000019
          undo                     0x0000000000000016
          pause                    0x0000000000000015
          redo                     0x0000000000000013
          Rewind                   0x000000000000000E
          Play                     0x000000000000000D
          Stop                     0x000000000000000B
          FForward                 0x0000000000000007
          EPG                      0x0000000000000018

# here are some more buttons that seem to be mapped differently from
# the ones above

# contributed by InterCeptor ceptor_7@freemail.hu
# brand:   Pinnacle Systems PCTV Pro Remote
# model no. of remote control: (I can't find any numbers on it)
# supported devices: serial

          9                        0x0000000000000082
          Zoom                     0x00000000000000B2
          middle                   0x0000000000000014

  end codes
end remote

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