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Re: "pegar" con boton derecho

Eduardo Gargiulo wrote:
> Hola a todos.
> Tengo instalado debian/woody en mi equipo y uso un mouse PS/2 de 2
> botones. Mi problema es que para "pegar" un texto, tengo que presionar
> los dos botones simultaneamente y es bastante incomodo. Hay alguna
> opcion que me permita hacer la misma operacion presionando el boton
> derecho simplemente?
> gracias
> --
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> and I'm not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein

man XF86Config

               enables  the  emulation  of the third mouse button
               for mice which only  have  two  physical  buttons.
               The third button is emulated by pressing both but­
               tons simultaneously.

       Emulate3Timeout timeout
               sets the time (in milliseconds)  that  the  server
               waits  before deciding if two buttons were pressed
               ``simultaneously''  when  3  button  emulation  is
               enabled.  The default timeout is 50ms.


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