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Virus found in mail from you!

                       AntiVir Virus Alert
This version of AntiVir MailGate is fully registered.

AntiVir found these viruses in a mail from you!


The mail was not delivered.

Please, proceed to  remove any virus before  sending a new mail  with 
attachments.  If  you  feel that  you  have received  this message in
error,  please   contact   virus@drivershq.com  with   the   message:
in the subject line.  Thank you.

 Message-Id: <200206051444832.SM01172@Yebxuyfn>
 From: debian-user-spanish <debian-user-spanish@lists.debian.org>
 To: badlinks@drivershq.com
 Date: Wed,  5 Jun 2002 14:44:51 +0200
 Subject: Look,my beautiful girl friend

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