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Re: You have been removed from the following lists

list@murphy.debian.org dijo algo así:

»Your mail address, thurston@interlap.com.ar, has been removed
»from the following mailing lists, because it generated an 
»exessive number of bounced mails:

Gente, alguien me puede decir que me esta diciendo aca arriba?, porque
la verdad no entiendo mucho, yo postee muy pocos mensajes a estas listas
Pero las sigo muy atentamente.. 

»debian-announce, debian-l10n-spanish, debian-user-spanish, debian-news,
»Before sending in subscription requests, please ensure that 
»this problem has been resolved.  When in doubt, ask your
»system administrator or send mail to "postmaster".
»This message has been sent my the verp handler program, version 0.7.20.


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