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Re: [mailinglists] slow telnet and ftp connections


the problem is the DNS Lookup. check your DNS Settings, that
should solve the problem.


Am 05.03.2002 11:41:19, schrieb <jsalord@publicom1010.com>:

>My System:
>potato with the security updates.
>My Problem:
>telnet and ftp (local network) connections to my server from win clients
>(CUTE FTP, MSIE, Putty ...) are very slow:
>The Telnet running is not slow when connection is done, so the anoying thing
>is just the connection.
>Linux telnet client connect to the server very fast.
>But Win telnet client also connects to another server out of the network
>very fast ?!
>So I don't know which could be the problem?
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