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StarOffice & Debian 2.0 (glibc6), SI es posible :)


Este es un mensaje que posteo a la lista para quien pueda interesarle

Despues de instalar Debian 2.0 intente instalar StarOffice 4 sp3
con la desagradable sorpresa de que no pude porque Debian 2.0 viene
con el nuevo formato de libc (glibc6)

   "segmentaut fault"

Despues de investigar me fui a www.dejanews.com y encontre lo siguiente
de David Frye dcfrye@sybercom.net en el grupo muc.lists.debian.user:


Here is how to install StarOffice:

   mkdir /usr/local/StarOffice
   mkdir /usr/local/StarOffice/lib
   cd /usr/local/StarOffice/lib
   ln -s libc.so.5 libXpm.so.4
   ln -s /lib/libc.so.5.4.38 libc.so.5

cd where ever your untar'd version of StarOffice is ./setup

Prior to running Setup, I edited it to reflect the directories
that I had made. My Setup file looks like this:


StarOffice runs as good on Debian 2.0 as it does prior versions.
Please file this message and pass along. It seems that every week
someone asks how to install StarOffice, and fails to look back
through the archives of this mailing list.



Manel  from  Gauzon Iberica  (Dpto.Informatica)
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