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Utilización de troff

Ha llegado a mis manos un documento que me es necesario para mi trabajo. El
fichero tiene extensión ".cs", y el comando file me dice que dicho fichero
es una fuente para troff.

Para quien le resulte familiar, las primeras lineas del documento son algo

.\" ---------------- %snip --------------- % cut here -----------------
.\" Version of Indian Hill Style Manual (U of T amended)
.\" revision $Revision: 6.1 $
.\" make with  ``... | tbl | {{di,}t,n}roff -ms ..''
.\" See the `.ds C C\"' macro, to set the C source code font.
.\" This document was really written with `troff' in mind.  You will
.\" need to do significant hacking to get nice output with `nroff'.
.\" You may have comments, suggestions, bug fixes, etc.  Send them to
.\" me and I will try to incorporate them (one way or another) in to
.\" a future version.   If you change this document, please add a note
.\" that it has been modified and change the minor version number
.\" (e.g., version 5.0 becomes 5.1 or 5.0.zork, or whatever) and the
.\" last date of modification (printed in the footer of each page).
.\" pardo@cs.washington.edu or
.\" {rutgers,cornell,ucsd,ubc-cs,tektronix}!uw-beaver!june!pardo
.\" Footnote numbering
.ds f \\u\s-2\\n+f\\s+2\d
.nr f 0 1
.ds F \\n+F.
.nr F 0 1

¿Cómo tengo que llamar a troff para convertir este fichero en texto
legible por less, con o sin formato?

Mil gracias y un saludo.
Ismael Valladolid

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