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Setup SquirreMail with Virtual Host

Dear, i have a problem in config vhost squirremail.
I'm following the steps in the tutorial [http://www.100security.com.br/postfix-squirrelmail-outlook/] . The autor indicate setup this changes in apache2.conf:

Alias /webmail “/usr/share/squirrelmail/”
DirectoryIndex index.php

but i want create vhost for my domain "mail.mydomain.com" and not create 
redirect IP/webmail.I want config this mail with my other localwebsites like:
/etc/apache2/site-available/mail.mydomain.conf  and setup this file with
a2ensite mail.mydomain.conf, etc.

What is steps for configure my squirremail with vhost and not ip/webmail.

Rodrigo da Silva Cunha
São Gonçalo, RJ - Brasil

Livre de vírus. www.avast.com.

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