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Modem conexant softv92 não consigo instalar no debian.

Baixei o arquivo hsfmodem-, instalei (#make install), instalei  o pacote linux-headers-3.16.0-4-686-pae, mas quando vou executar #hsfconfig, dá o seguinte:
# hsfconfig
Conexant HSF softmodem driver, version

If you need license keys, assistance or more information, please go to:

When reporting a problem for the first time, please send
us the file generated by "hsfconfig --dumpdiag".
modprobe: invalid option -- 'l'
modprobe: invalid option -- 'l'

No pre-built modules for: Debian-8.1 linux-3.16.0-4-686-pae i686-SMP

Trying to automatically build the driver modules...
(this requires a C compiler and proper kernel sources to be installed)

Where is the linux source build directory that matches your running kernel?

Aqui dou enter e  dá o seguinte:
WARNING: missing file /lib/modules/3.16.0-4-686-pae/build/include/linux/version.h
The cause of this is usually a missing or unconfigured
kernel source tree (and sometimes an incorrect directory or symbolic link).

First, ensure that the proper kernel source and compiler packages
from your distribution vendor and/or the community are installed.

The Linux kernel can then be reconfigured by running "make menuconfig"
under the kernel source directory (usually /usr/src/linux).

Verify that the proper options for your system are selected.

Then compile and install your new kernel (for more information about
this procedure, see the README file under the kernel source directory),
reboot the system using the new kernel, and re-run "hsfconfig".

Como resolvo isso? Andei pesquisando, mas não consegui nada sobre.

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