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Re: diff na saída do deborphan


2009/9/10 Flavio M Matsumoto <fmatsumo@ufpr.br>:
> Na última atualização notei que foi instalado o pacote novo "diffutils".
> Será que o diff não fora apenas renomeado?

Aparentemente, não. Parece que o diffutils provê o diff não o substitui.

File comparison utilities

The diffutils package provides the diff, diff3, sdiff, and cmp programs.

`diff' shows differences between two files, or each corresponding file
in two directories. `cmp' shows the offsets and line numbers where two
files differ. `cmp' can also show all the characters that differ
between the two files, side by side. `diff3' shows differences among
three files. `sdiff' merges two files interactively.

The set of differences produced by `diff' can be used to distribute
updates to text files (such as program source code) to other people.
This method is especially useful when the differences are small
compared to the complete files. Given `diff' output, the `patch'
program can update, or "patch", a copy of the file.

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