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Lower price for Website design

Title: Web Design Fast Web Site Solutio
  Web Design
Fast Web Site Solutions


Fast Web Site Solutions is a web design and internet development company focusing on small business website design. Fast Web specializes in quality, professional and affordable website plans. With web design packages starting at $50, Fast Web Site Solutions' prices compare favorably with any professional web design firm in the world.

Fast Web Site Solutions also provides professional Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Logo Design, and custom Flash Development. All web development projects use the latest technology, including an enterprise level Content Management System, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003, and IIS 6.


Web Design & Web Development

For small businesses who need a fully customized and customizable website, Fast Web Site Solutions provides free, no obligation quotes on our web design services. We can add custom functionality like shopping carts, online payments, message boards, chat rooms, and much more. In addition, our full-featured web design plans include free email addresses, generous bandwidth limits, and a robust statistics and reporting tool. These custom plans are perfect for small businesses with specialized website requirements.

Fast Web Site Solutions can add custom database functionality to your website as well. This allows you nearly unlimited possibilities for your clients and potential clients who visit your website.


Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Many small business owners believe that the simple act of building a website will increase sales, and are disappointed when their beautiful website draws no new customers. A website is a marketing tool, and to create real ROI, it should be optimized correctly using industry standard techniques. SEO, above all else, is about driving targeted traffic to your website and converting those visitors to paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization is generally known as the process of developing a "search engine friendly" website that is highly ranked in search engine results pages. Studies show that 60% of all click-through are from the first page of search results with the majority of the remaining 40% coming from page 2. If your website is languishing far down the search results' lists, then your traffic will be minimal and it is impossible to realize a return-on-investment from your website activities.



CMLS, Inc. Services

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Website Management Service

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Welcome to CMLS China… We Put You in the Spotlight!

CMLS China is a full service Web Design Company based in China, specializing in identifying, developing, and designing a dynamic online marketing presence of quality. Whether you have an established business, or perhaps just starting out on the Internet, CMLS China's experienced team of experts will help you expand upon your client base and help bring your business the attention it deserves.


Creativity, Professionalism & Excellent Customer Service

In this age of technology and state-of-the-art communication, it appears that creativity, professionalism and excellent customer service are often in short supply. Web design companies no longer provide the personal touch and some even take far too long to respond to a company's needs. At CMLS China, your  Web Site Design company, things are different. We know the importance of excellent website design services, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and effective web hosting, but even more important, we know the value of excellent customer service. Because we are very customer oriented, we've made it our mission to give our clients what they expect: positive, polished, professional service.


Bringing Ideas and Originality Together!

The goal at CMLS China is to provide web design services that are without equal. In fact, it is CMLS China's intention to listen carefully to your needs, construct a design that fits well with your company's culture, produce copy that communicates professionalism, and at the same time, offer personalized attention that clearly shows we care. Our ultimate objective is helping you with greater Internet exposure, a strong search engine presence, an increase in website traffic and a larger return on investment. Simply stated, we bring ideas and originality together so that your business is visually attractive, dynamically presented and effectively optimized.

Your Goal is To Achieve… Our Goal is To Help You!

To achieve on the Internet and to develop a superior online presence that attracts a strong following, you need more than a creative web site design team; you need a web site design team that understands the ins an outs of the web, understands business and understands people. We at CMLS China fulfill that criterion to the letter and our website design testimonials prove that to be true. Come in for a visit and read further about our company based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and discover the services we provide around the globe. We offer professional solutions with skill, expertise and attention to detail.

As a web design team we offer affordable website design, website re-design, shopping cart web design, search engine optimization  for small and medium-sized businesses. At CMLS China, we listen to your needs before we ever start on a project and then we follow up by producing a web design that communicates effectively with your target audience.



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