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estou tentando instalar o gosa na minha maquina e esta dando o seguinte erro:

Alguns pacotes não foram encotnrado e pelo que vi não falta instlar muita coisa
Alguem pode me ajudar?


PHP setup inspection

Checking for PHP version (>=4.1.0) OK
PHP must be of version 4.1.0 or above for some functions and known bugs in PHP language.

Checking if register_globals is set to 'off'OK
register_globals is a PHP mechanism to register all global varibales to be accessible from scripts without changing the scope. This may be a security risk. GOsa will run in both modes.

Checking for ldap module Failed
This is the main module used by GOsa and therefore really required.

Checking for gettext supportOK
Gettext support is required for internationalized GOsa.

Checking for mhash module Ignored
To use SSHA encryption, you'll need this module. If you are just using crypt or md5 encryption, ignore this message. GOsa will run without it.

Checking for gd module Failed
GOsa needs this module for recalculating image sizes provided for users as jpegPhoto.

Checking for imap module Failed
The IMAP module is needed to communicate with the IMAP server. It gets status informations, creates and deletes mail users.

Checking for getacl in imap Ignored
The getacl support is needed for shared folder permissions. The standard IMAP module is not capable of reading acl's. You need a recend PHP version for this feature.

Checking for mysql module Ignored
MySQL support is needed for reading GOfax reports from databases.

Checking for cups moduleIgnored
In order to read available printers from IPP protocol instead of printcap files, you've to install the CUPS module.

Checking for kadm5 module Ignored
Managing users in kerberos requires the kadm5 module which is downloadable via PEAR network.

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