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Re: cdrecord

> edmarcos wrote:
> Nas atualizações de hoje, o etch promoveu a remoção do cdrecord.
> Alguém sabe o que vai substituir o mesmo ?
> --

Acabei de atualizar o sistema e continuo com o cdrecord. Pelo menos com o
que sobrou dele...

$ cdrecord
This is wodim, not cdrecord. Don't expect it to behave like cdrecord in any
way, don't refer to it as "cdrecord". Send problem reports to
debburn-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org, don't bother Joerg Schilling with any
problems caused by this application.

$ dpkg -l cdrecord
ii  cdrecord       1.0~pre4-1.1   Dummy package for transition to wodim

$ dpkg -l wodim
ii  wodim          1.0~pre4-1.1   command line CD writing tool


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