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Dica de pacotes

E ae pessoal,

outro dia achei um site bacana sobre debian <www.debianhelp.co.uk>, e 
rodando por la' achei varios pacotes que ja' foram necessarios aqui uma 
vez ou outra. Como achei eles uteis, segue entao uma pequena selecao de 
alguns uteis (e outros nem tanto :-))
Todos sao pacotes, procurem mais info em

* loadwatch
 Run a program when machine is idle (sends SIGSTOP and SIGCONT)

* cutter
 Disconnect routed IP connections
 Cutter will send packets to both ends of a TCP/IP connection to close 
the connection. It is designed to be used on a Linux router to disconnect 
unwanted connections.

* iperf
 Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool
 Iperf is a modern alternative for measuring TCP and UDP bandwidth 
performance, allowing the tuning of various parameters and 

* renameutils
 Programs to make file renaming easier
 The file renaming utilities (renameutils for short) are a set of
programs designed to make renaming of files faster and less

* rpl
 Intelligent recursive search/replace utility
 rpl is a UN*X text replacement utility. It will replace strings with
new strings in multiple text files.

* uptimed
 Utility to track your highest uptimes

* diffmon
 Tool for reporting changes in system configuration
 This tool is run by a nightly cron job, and takes a `diff' of specified 
system configuration files and emails them to a specified email address.


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