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Re: Problema com instalação Sarge!!

Por acaso, achei algo que pode te ajudar:


SATA driver can block access to CD drive in installations from CD. On systems having a SATA IDE controller that also has the CD drive connected to it, you may see the installer hanging during hardware detection for the CD drive or failing to read the CD just afterwards. A possible reason is that the SATA driver (ata_piix and maybe others) is blocking access to the CD drive. You can try to work around this by booting the installer in expert mode and, in the "Detect and mount CD-ROM" step, selecting only the drivers needed for CD support. These are (ide-)generic, ide-cd and isofs. The drivers needed to access the disk will still be loaded, but at a later stage. By loading the CD drivers before the SATA driver in this way, you may be able to complete the installation. Note that CD-ROM access may still be an issue after rebooting into the installed system.

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