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Re: Logrotate + sendmail dá errado

# syslogd-listfiles --help

Debian GNU/Linux syslogd-listfiles.  Copyright (c) 1997,2001
Martin Schulze.  This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence
version 2 or later for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.

Usage: syslogd-listfiles <options>
Options: -f file        specifies another syslog.conf file
        -a | --all     list all files (including news)
        --auth         list all files containing auth.<some prio>
        --ignore-size  don't rotate files which got too large
        --large nnn    define what is large in bytes (default: 10MB)
        --news         include news logfiles, too
        -w | --weekly  use weekly pattern instead of daily
        -s pattern     skip files matching pattern

Isso é muito importante!!!


Eriberto - www.eriberto.cjb.net

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