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[NDR] Important m$6h?3p

This is a Non Deliverable Report (NDR) from mailbot@stevnsborg.net
An automated e-mail content scanner.

          Your e-mail:

              Subject: Important m$6h?3p
              Sent to: sole@sole.dk
          Date & Time: 05-07-2004 16:31:30

         Has been rejected due to invalid attachment names.
         It will not be delivered to the intended recipient(s).


The reason to this error is the attached file B000002e00.00000001.mml; document.txt                                                                   .exe.
The attached file (or at least one (1) file within - if it is a compressed archive)
has failed one or more conditions to be delivered.

This error is permanent.
You may correct the filename according to the conditions below and resend your e-mail.

Attachment filenames must comply with the following conditions:
  ->  Allowed characters capital:     ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ
  ->  Allowed characters:             abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz
  ->  Allowed numbers:                0123456789
  ->  Allowed special characters:     " "(space),
                                      "_"(underscore/low line)

  ->  Attachment MUST have an extention, specified with a "."(dot/full stop)
      (i.e. "myfile.name").

  ->  Attachment may not have more than one file extention
      (i.e. "my.file.name").

  ->  Attachment file extention must be specified by the use of at least
      one (1) character and no more than five (5).

  ->  Attachment filename may not exeed ninety-nine (99) characters in total.

If you have any further questions, please contact mailto:postmaster@stevnsborg.net

Have a nice day

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