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321 Studios Rebate FAQ

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Dear 321 Studios Customer:


This is an automated response to your e-mail; please do not respond to this e-mail. With the great influx of customers and our continued exciting growth we compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about rebates in hopes that we can immediately address your problem below, so that you do not have to wait for a response from us.


Q.   What is the status of my rebate?


A.   You can check the status of your rebate in real time at http://rebates.321studios.com


Q.   The rebate system states that my check has been sent and I still have yet to received it, what do I do?


A.   Please be patient, with the volume of rebates that are sent out you should receive it via US Mail. If for some reason you have not received your check after 5 weeks of when it was sent please e-mail us at rebatequestions@321studios.com.


Q.   The rebate form states that I must submit all three UPC’s from my purchase. However, I downloaded the product from your website (or the box I purchased it with only came with two). Do I still qualify, and how do I submit the form?


A.   We are aware that many of our rebate forms list 3 UPC’s as a requirement to qualify for a rebate. However, our internal systems are intelligent and able to determine if you purchased the product from us via download or thru a retailer. Just be sure to include a copy of your receipt or invoice from the transaction and include all the UPC’s, if applicable, that came with your purchase.


Q.   Where do I get my rebate form?


A.   Rebate forms are available at your local retailer where you purchased the product. If you purchased the product directly from 321 Studios website, the forms are on the web. Please go to http://www.dvdxcopy.com/ and login using the customer access functionality of our site.  You will then be able to download the appropriate forms.


Q.   I looked on the rebate website and it shows that my rebate is not yet received or processed, however I did send it in, and have a copy of my paperwork.


A.   We process hundreds of rebates daily and strive to be no more than 2 weeks out in processing. If you sent in your rebate more than a month ago, have not heard from us, and are unable to view the status on the web, please e-mail us at rebatequestions@321studios.com.


Q.   Why was I rejected?


A.   321 Studios rebate rules and regulations are stated on the bottom of each rebate form, and if you purchased your product from a retailer, many of them also include our policy on their rebate receipt. Please go to http://rebates.321studios.com to view your rejection reason.


Q.   Can I just fax my rebate?


A.   Unfortunately, we do not accept any faxed rebates. Our policy clearly states that the rebate and all original UPC’s, if applicable, must be mailed.


Q.   My question(s) were not answered here, how do I contact you?


A.   We look forward to helping you with any question you may have that was not addressed here. Please e-mail us with as much detail, including copies of UPC’s and receipts / invoices as possible to rebatequestions@321studios.com.


Q.    I can not activate my product in the allotted time, how can I still get my rebate?


A.   We understand that you may give the product as a gift, or for some reason are unable to activate the product within the given time frame. You will NOT be rejected    for not activating the product.


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