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Re: Bochs e plex86


	Ele disse que o patch que ele fez funcionou com o plex86, acredito ser a
versão comercial, e não com a versão demo.
	Ele disse estar sem tempo para "patchear" o demo tarball do plex86 e
perguntou se vc gostaria de tentá-lo. :)
	Bom, boa sorte! :))))



* Musashi corta a msg que Savio Ramos enviou para Still:
> Olá,
> Gosto do bochs e assino a lista bochs-devoloper, fiz uma pergunta que está na parte de baixo do primeiro texto.

> Hi Savio.
> Kevin didn't tell you, but I once made a patch for mainstream bochs to run
> with plex86 by taking code from his "demo tarball".
> The patch is not very useful though, because it does only work with the
> real Plex86 [1] at Savannah and not Kevin's fork (that explains why he didn't
> tell you about it.
> The problem with that is that Plex86 doesn't have support for userspace code
> virtualisation. Someone should add it by taking the code from his demo tarball
> and integrating it into Plex86.
> I don't have time for that right now. Would you like to do it?
> [1] http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/plex86
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> ______________________________________________________________________________
> The userland functionality of Plex86 in debian has been superceeded by
>  the Bochs package. This is a dummy package that depends on bochs to
>  facilitate upgrade, and can be safely removed.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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