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OFF-TOPIC: Banco do Brasil (na Europa) muda para Linux (fwd)

incrível!! Já na Central do BB...
A mudança é gradual, usando VMWare e Samba enquanto portam os programas
para Java.

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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 15:40:21 -0200 (BRST)
From: Thadeu Penna <tjpp@if.uff.br>
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Subject: Banco do Brasil (na Europa) muda para Linux

Linux lands big bank account

 Peter Williams , 29-11-2002

The European arm of Banco do Brasil, the largest bank in South America, is
switching from Windows to Linux to cut costs and centralise support.

The bank will consolidate 41 Windows NT servers in eight European branches
down to three IBM iSeries servers in London with six remote IBM xSeries
Intel servers.

The long-term strategy is to phase out Windows completely. Linux is also
being used to replace Windows on desktops.

"We had about 70,000 Windows server and desktop licences and eight NT
networks serving Europe," said Tim Evans, UK IT manager at Banco do

"This gave us a lot of problems. So our objective was to centralise IT
support to become more cost-effective and flexible," he added.

In addition to cost savings, Evans said the bank had already achieved a
more effective and reliable IT service. Productivity had increased and
fewer contracts meant less administration.

In the future, he said, the bank hoped staff would converge to a single

The core Windows-based banking application has been rewritten in Java to
make it available on any system, including over the web. One iSeries 820
server now runs the entire European operation from London, substantially
reducing administration and licence costs.

"Linux runs Java much quicker than Windows. It's the natural operating
system to run Java," said Evans, who added that other applications are now
gradually being ported to Linux.

The bank is using the multiple-partitions capabilities of IBM's iSeries,
which will also connect an xSeries Windows system as if it were another

Banco do Brasil has gone further by consolidating several Windows NT
servers onto a single IBM x440, using VMWare to create virtual Windows

An iSeries 820 server consolidates all the European networks into one,
linking the six xSeries servers, providing a storage area network (SAN)
and file and print services.

Open source Samba handles file and print services and manages existing
remote Windows desktops on Linux. Evans said Samba also performed better
than Windows. Windows NT system security is set in Samba and passed to and
from NT automatically.

A third iSeries server (a model 270) is used as a Lotus Domino server
running mail for 250 staff throughout Europe. It also links into the
bank's private intranet.

Banco do Brasil has 78,000 employees serving 12 million customers. It has
33 international branches in 21 countries outside Brazil. It has a central
data processing centre in Brasilia employing 1,200 IT staff.

This article is available online at http://vnunet.com/News/1137229

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