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problemas no login......

Debian GNU/linux 3.0 Savannah tty2
Savannah login: alkaholic
Last login: Fri Mar 29 08:02:07 GMT 2002 on tty1
Limux Savanhah 2.4.14 #1 Dom Mar 24 08:09:39 GMT 2002 i686 unknown
c018f028 sock_no_release
c018f02c sock_no_bind
c018f034 sock_no_connect
c018f03c sock_no_socketpair
c018f044 sock_no_accept
c018f04c sock_no_getname
c018f054 sock_no_poll
c018f058 sock_no_loctl
c018f060 sock_no_listen
c018f068 sock_no_shutdown
c018f078 sock_no_getsockopt
c018f070 sock_no_setsockopt
c018f0e8 sock_no_sendmsg
c019f0f0 sock_no_rec
No mail.
alguem sabe oq significa essas mensagens acima?.........se alguem puder me
ajudar...isso acontece em todo login

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