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Re: Off-Topic : Linux and Microsoft


apesar desse assunto ser offtopic, é muito interessante: veja no site 
Newsforge, a matéria "90% Windows, 5% Mac, 5% Linux? Not true!"  


Eles explicam como esses números foram calculados: foi usado como
critério o fato do S.O. vir ou não instalado de fábrica.  Como muito
poucas empresas pré-instalam GNU/Linux, essa conta saiu assim baixa.

Mau negócio para o Gartner Group, que até aqui era considerado
confiável e que, em uma pesquisa financiada, entre outros pela
Microsoft, deu essa informação errônea.

No slashdot, há a chamada "Gartner Claims Less Linux Than IDC" que
compara estudos do Gartner, usando a metodologia (!) acima, com aqueles
do IDC, com outra metodologia, em 


Também há uma discussão sobre o tema, com observações nem sempre
cordatas ou gentis. :)

[]s, Hilton

--- Nitrogen <coldwater@uol.com.br> wrote:
> Lista,
> Dêem uma olhada nesta notícia que achein o site na mandrake. Pode-se
> notar
> que agora somos tratados pela microsoft como 'ninguém' (rs).
> Abraços,
> Leonardo Custodio
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> No one's using Linux, claims Microsoft
> By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco
> Posted: 13/06/2001 at 11:21 GMT
> Gartner Dataquest has pegged the proportion of Linux servers shipped
> in the
> United States at 8.6 per cent.
> Gartner analyst Jeffery Hewitt claims that this figure - which
> includes
> 'white box' shipments, but excludes server appliances such as Sun's
> Cobalt
> range - is dramatically lower than the 20 per cent plus cited by arch
> rivals
> IDC. Of that 8.6 per cent, eight per cent is attributed to Red Hat
> and 0.6
> per cent to other distros.
> The survey is dated May 30, but was made public yesterday.
> We don't usually hear about analyst surveys from vendors in advance
> of
> publication. But yesterday a note dropped in from Microsoft's PR
> company,
> Waggener Edstrom.
> "8.6 per cent is... certainly in line with what we are hearing from
> our
> customers and partners," wrote a friendly Wagg-Ed flak.
> Now there's some dispute over what a 'shipment' actually involves, as
> NewsForge's Rob 'roblimo' Miller points out in this analysis. And he
> has a
> very good point: for example, Gartner pegs Linux shipments in the
> supercomputer space as 'zero' this year. In fact Linux is well
> established
> on commodity parallel clusters at many scientific sites. Many of
> these were
> assembled in-house, so a shipment clearly doesn't correlate to a
> working
> installation.
> However, Microsoft's pre-emptive strike may be tactical. Hewitt
> actually
> predicts that volume shipments of Linux - even using Gartner's
> contested
> definition of 'shipment' and 'server' - will mushroom in the next
> four
> years.
> Total worldwide Linux deployment will quadruple from 2.4 million to
> 9.1
> million, predicts Gartner, with explosive growth in the supercomputer
> area:
> up from that dubious 'zero' this year to over 5000 by 2005. In the
> $25,000
> to $100,000 range - the low-end company workhorse - Linux shipments
> will
> increase ninefold. In the sub-$5000 space, Linux will grow over six
> fold.
> So this may be a case of the Beast getting its retaliation in first.
> ®
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