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Sobre o pine (pq vem os fontes)

Important notice: The license of this package does not allow modified
binaries to be distributed. And this set of patches does indeed produce
"modified binaries", since we need to accomodate for the FHS standard
(for example, configuration files are in /etc), the Debian standards
(for example, compile it using -O2 and no DEBUG), and fix some bugs (for
example, "Path: not-for-mail" for news postings).

In particular, if you are a Debian developer, you may try to compile it
for a specific architecture to see if there are any bugs, but please
do not upload any .deb packages.

	Passos para instalar:
# apt-get -y install "pine4-*"
# cd /usr/src/pine4
# dpkg-source -x pine4_4.21-1.dsc
# cd pine4-4.21/
# debian/rules binary
# dpkg -i ../pine4*deb


Hélio Alexandre Lopes Loureiro 
Floripa - SC - Brazil            

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