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Re: ustawienia sieci - rozne lokalizacje


A configuration daemon for ethernet devices
ifplugd is a daemon which will automatically configure your
ethernet device when a cable is plugged in and automatically
unconfigure it if the cable is pulled. This is useful on laptops with
onboard network adapters, since it will only configure the interface
when a cable is really connected.

Some features:
 * May beep when the cable is unplugged, plugged, the interface
   configuration succeeded or failed.
 * Syslog support
 * small
 * Multiple ethernet interface support
 * Support for wireless networking. Whenever an association to an AP
   is detected the network is configured. Have a look on waproamd
   if you need a facility to configure WEP keys before AP
   associations succeed.
 * Compatibility mode for network devices which do not support cable


scheme control for network interfaces
ifscheme allows you to change network configuraton schemes or query the
current scheme. It integrates with the ifup(8) command and
interfaces(5). For
example, you might use this program to configure a "home" scheme and a
scheme for a network device on a laptop. When you move between home and
a simple command can reconfigure your networking.

Maciej Rutecki <maciejrutecki@poczta.onet.pl>
JID: bc547@jabber.gda.pl

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