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Re: ISO image


> Tak wypalisz Debiana bez problemu programem nero lub cdrwin. Lepszy jest
> cdrwin bo operuje bezposrednio na formacie iso.

cdrwin nie uzywalem, ale pod Nero robi sie tak (z FAQ-a na

For Nero (Ahead Software), this is reported to work:
1) Select "Burn Image" from the "File" menu.
2) Select "All Files" in the file selection window.
3) Select the .iso file, click OK in the "this is a foreign file" dialogue
4) In the option box that opens, the defaults should be okay:
   "Data Mode 1", "Block Size 2048", "Raw Data, Scrambled, and Swapped" NOT
selected, and
   "Image Header" and "Image Trailer" left at 0. Click OK.
5) In the "Write CD" box, use the default options, e.g. "Write" and
   "Determine maximum speed", plus check the "Finalize CD" option.


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