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Greetings! An invitation from GNOME.Asia Summit 2017


This is the GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 Chongqing committee and we are currently authorized by the GNOME foundation to be the exclusive agency of the GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 event. On behalf of the committee, we are inviting you who are interested in this conference to join us in this event in Chongqing, China during October 14th to October 16th 2017, and to be our guests and conference presenters.

The GNOME.Asia Summit is known as a conference at the top level on the field of open source developing in Asia. GNOME.Asia 2017 is sure to attract about 600 participants. To celebrate the 20 years anniversary of GNOME as well as the 10 years anniversary of the GNOME.Asia Summit, we are inviting influential professionals as well as Open-source enthusiasts to present their ideas and research in this year’s GNOME.Asia Summit. As of now, many of our honored guests have confirmed that they will be joining us in Chongqing University to celebrate this great event and also to visit the Chongqing university and the beautiful mountain city of Chongqing. We welcome any form of presentation from you, short and long alike. And we welcome you to share us with your newest ideas of Open-source and to shed lights on the open-source communities. Here you can find the details of conference presenting https://www.gnome.org/events/2017/06/gnome-asia-summit-2017-call-for-papers/

Please feel free to visit our official website https://2017.gnome.asia/ for more information.If you find this event appealing to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide any details regarding this event and also to answer any questions you may have.

Looking forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours

Speakers Calling Team
GNOME.Asia 2017 Committee

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