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Ticker:_IGTS. Pk
Last_Trade:_. O1
Projected_Price:_. 20

Intelligent Sports taps into national franchise
company, LMM Group, Inc., to set the framework
for expanding nationally

Intelligent Sports, Inc., (IGTS.pk) is to begin
licensing their youth and fitness center concept,
The Sports Zone, nationally. Recognizing the link
between athletic participation and personal success,
Intelligent Sports provides a fitness center for
kids with a mission of providing physical and mental
guidance to all student-athletes. 

Intelligent Sports has formed a marketing partnership
with national active franchise and marketing company
LLM Group, Inc. based in Florida. Under the direction
of President Morton Colby, the LLM Group, Inc. will
develop and facilitate the acquisition and expansion
of programs for Intelligent Sports and The Sports Zone
including attracting additional site location owners
and licensees. 

"Serving as a starting place to help reverse the trend
of childhood obesity, The Sports Zone has developed
several new programs in anticipation of expansion,"
said Intelligent Sports President, Thomas Hobson. "We
are eager to take our youth fitness concept to the
next level with LLM Group and expanding nationally.
Mr. Colby and his team bring vast experience in
franchise sales, acquisition development and
entrepreneurial business including being the
original importer of the famous Vespa scooter to the
United States." 

The Sports Zone by Intelligent Sports provides
physical and mental guidance to area youth through a
wide range of after-school sports programs, weekend
leagues and tournaments. Programs nurture both sides
of the student athlete -- from building the individual
athletic skill development to paving the way for higher
levels of self-esteem, discipline, motivation and
overall psychological well-being. The Sports Zone
encompasses a 10,000 square foot facility featuring
two basketball courts and caters to court sports
including basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, and
dance, and also has the ability to host soccer,
football and other field-related athletic activity. 

With a board comprised of Reggie Theus, former NBA
star, TV analyst, and current Head Men's Basketball
Coach at New Mexico State University and Kellen
Winslow, a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, the
initial focus of publicly held Intelligent Sports,
Inc. is to introduce a new generation of youth to
athletics through the development of organized
youth sports and fitness programs and facilities
throughout the country.

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