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Re: Color setting of GTK-programs

On Thu, 28 Nov 2002 12:10:20 +0100
Setyo Nugroho <setyo.nugroho@web.de> wrote:

> I do NOT have gnome installed. I use a.o. gdm, gnumeric,
> sylpheed-claws. So I think the setting must lie somewhere in a GTK's
> shared library. Is it correct? The most painful thing is the colors of
> sylpheed-claws in particular are very poor now. 

for gtk 1.2 applications you want the gtk-theme-switch package
this provides the program "switch" which allows you to change the gtk
1.2 theme and font

from gtk 2 application my solution was to install  gnome 2 version of
gnome-contro-center package
then use the gnome-font-properties, and gnome-theme-properties
commands to change the theme of my gtk 2 apps.
this method will start gnome-settings-daemon which will initialize some
options for gnome and and may try to manage your root window on

finally for gtk 2 theme settings to take effect it seems that
gnome-setting-daemon has to be running

if there is a better way to change the themes for gtk 2 applications
please tell me becuase i hate my method.

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