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Please update Debian Installer translations for the lenny beta 1 release


(this mail is very widely sent. It will probably not make it to many lists
because of size constraints)

Debian Installer will soon be released. This will be the first release (beta
1) for Debian "lenny". 

Many translations are incomplete and the Debian Installer team could decide
not to activate them if they are too incomplete.

Please consider completing them if possible.

Some translators are interested in Ubuntu translations. Please note that
completing the Debian installer is the best way to have the *Ubuntu*
installer translated as well.

(this mail is sent to prospective translators as well, for languages not yet
activated in Debian installer. I understand the work may be too big for you
now, but please consider at least increasing the translation ratio. Soon to
come changes to the D-I infrastructure might lead your language to be
activated if the most used strings are translated)

FInal note: I had to work a lot to have correct mail addresses for
translators. Please consider using unfaked addresses in Last-Translator and
Language-Team fields in PO files. Tat will save me a lot of such work.

Many thanks for your attention.

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