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Please complete the Debian Installer "level 1" file for your language


The Debian Installer (D-I) "level 1" translation file for your language is
currently below 95% complete.

The release date of Debian is scheduled for December 4th, 2006 and we would
of course like to release with the installer being as much translated as

The final policy for including languages or not in the release has not been
setup yet, but it is possible that some completion ratio will be taken into

We know that you maintain your translation effort quite well as the
translation for your language received at least one update in the last 3
months, so even if the translation is not complete, there is a good chance
that we will keep you language activated.

However, completing as much as possible of this file before the release will
anyway be a great benefit for the users of your language. I'm convinced
you'll do the best to achieve this and, who knows, reach the 100% Grail...:-)

Please also think about having a look at "level 2" files
(http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/i18n-doc/ch01s04.html). Some of these
translations are also very important for a well localized installer (mostly
console-data, popularity-contest, exim4 and tasksel...iso-codes is a nasty
beast, we know.....:-)).

In any case, in the name of the D-I team, please receive my best wishes of
courage to complete this. This is the final line of the ru, don't give up...

This mail has been sent to all current translators (as registered in the PO
file) and language teams (as registered in the PO file as well).

PS: most language teams to which this mail is sent are "small" teams. Some
are sent to individuals who lead the l10n effort mostly alone. No need to
remind this to me, I know about it...:-)

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