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Re: admin hc与您共享了照片

On 10/30/2012 05:00 PM, admin hc wrote:
Hi Sirs/Madams,


We are glad to learn that you are on the market for printing products. Our company specializes in this field for several years in China. We have done business with clients from countries all over the world, with generally positive feedbacks received.

The following is our products catalogues, you may have a look at it.

1. Books
2. Magazines
3. Brochures & Booklets
4. Catalogues & Manual
5. Picture Albums & Photo Albums
6. Notebooks & Diaries
7. Wall Calendars & Desk Calendars
8. Letter Paper & Envelops
9. Folders & Pamphlets & Flyers & Posters
10. Playing Cards, etc.

Our prices differ as our clients have different requirements. But generally, we can offer prices up to 35% lower than the cost of your local printers. Are you interested in cooperating with us? Please just simply reply to this email and let me know your idea.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and regards,
Even <admin@hongchengco.com>
你 他妈的

Alex Ballas

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