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Re: hi

Στις 08/08/2012 06:56 μμ, ο/η debian-user-greek-request@lists.debian.org έγραψε:
			General info
Subscription/unsubscription/info requests should always be sent to
the -request address of a mailing list.

If a mailing list is called for example "thelist@lists.debian.org", then
the -request address can be inferred from this to be:

To subscribe to a mailing list, simply send a message with the word "subscribe"
in the Subject: field to the -request address of that list.

To unsubscribe from a mailing list, simply send a message with the word (you
guessed it :-) "unsubscribe" in the Subject: field to the -request address of
that list.

In the event of an address change, it would probably be the wisest to first
send an unsubscribe for the old address (this can be done from the new
address), and then a new subscribe to the new address (the order is important).

Most (un)subscription requests are processed automatically without human

Do not send multiple (un)subscription or info requests in one mail.
Only one will be processed per mail.

NOTE: The -request server usually does quite a good job in discriminating
      between (un)subscribe requests and messages intended for the maintainer.
      If you'd like to make sure a human reads your message, make it look
      like a reply (i.e. the first word in the Subject: field should be "Re:",
      without the quotes of course); the -request server does not react to

			The archive server
Every submission sent to this list is archived.	 The size of the archive
depends on the limits set by the list maintainer (it is very well possible
that only, say, the last two mails sent to the list are still archived, the
rest might have expired).

You can look at the header of every mail coming from this list to see
under what name it has been archived.  The X-Mailing-List: field contains
the mailaddress of the list and the file in which this submission was

If you want to access this archive, you have to send mails to the -request
address with the word "archive" as the first word of your Subject:.
To get you started try sending a mail to the -request address with
the following:
		Subject: archive help

                          The listmaster
To reach a human being answering your mail you may contact the address
listmaster@lists.debian.org.  We will process your request as soon as
we can.

Mail sent to this address is pre-parsed, a little mail robot will
automatically answer all mails sent with the following Subject lines:

  help		sends this help

  lists		sends information on how to get a list of mailing lists


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