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Re: Keine automatischen Mounts nach Reboot

Frank Becker:
> Oder kommt das irgendwann in die nächste Version rein?

Ah. #406685 (aus 2007):

| The RAMRUN and RAMLOCK options are disabled by default because some
| packages will break if it is enabled, but provided as an option for
| the sysadmins interested in using them to increase the lifetime of
| their laptops or interested in running diskless machines.  These
| sysadmins will for now have to verify that all the packages they are
| using are able to cope with the options, but I hope in the future we
| can enable it by default for laptops and ltsp clients.

Und dann gibt es noch #481546, was wahrscheinlich der Grund dafür ist,
dass meine LVM volumes nicht sauber geschlossen werden können.

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