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Re: Bug#516391: qwertz-de: apostrophe instead of acute on keycode 0x0d

Quoting Michelle Konzack (linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net):

> > > > de-latin1-nodeadkeys.kmap:
> > > > keycode  13 = apostrophe       grave
> > >                 ^^^^^^^^^^
> > > Why not acute here?  After all the apostrophe has its own key:
> > > 
> > > keycode  43 = numbersign       apostrophe
> > 
> > Seems OK to me, yes. Objections?
> Ehm, what do you mean?
>     keycode  13 = acute       grave
> Yes this would be OK.

Actually, I *do* remember why I initially proposed that
de-latin1-nodeadkeys has:

keycode  13 = apostrophe       grave

And not:

keycode  13 = acute       grave

....this is because the X keymap "de" with "nodeadkeys" as variant
actually outputs an apostrophe *and not an acute*.

The "de" keymap in its "basic" variant *does* output an acute, on the
other hand.

That sounds fairly illogical to me...but this is indeed how it is. So,
if I take the stance of keeping consistency between X keymaps and
console-data keymaps, I should keep "apostrophe" for the nondeadkeys
variant....even if this is weird.

So, after thinking, my easoning is that if the nodeadkeys variant
should output an acute and not an apostrophe....then X keymaps should
first be changed.

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