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dhcpd.leases(5) Verständnisfrage

Hi Liste,

die Clients in meinem Netzwerk, welche per DHCP Settings beziehen,
hinterlassen folgende Info in der dhcpd.leases Datei, welche ich mir
nicht ganz zusammenreimen kann:

uid "\001\000\030Av\020d";

Die Manpage sagt:

uid client-identifier;

The  uid  statement records the client identifier used by the client
to acquire the lease.   Clients are not required to  send  client
identi-fiers,  and  this statement only appears if the client did in
fact send one.   Client identifiers are normally an ARP  type  (1
for  ethernet) followed  by  the MAC address, just like in the
hardware statement, but this is not required.

The client identifier is recorded as a colon-separated hexadecimal
list or  as  a  quoted string.   If it is recorded as a quoted
string and it contains one or more non-printable  characters,	those
 characters  are represented  as octal escapes - a backslash
character followed by three octal digits.

An obigem Beispiel also:

\001 = 1
\000 = 0

Aber was fange ich mit \030Av und \020d an? Oder sind das einfach
einmalige Strings, die der fremde DHCP-Client an den Server schickt?




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