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Re: [OT] KMail und gnupg: Inline ja. OpenPGP/MIME nein.

> dann einfach in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf den Eintrag "use-agent" setzen, das wars
> Alles klar?

Leider noch nicht.
Habe auch mehrfach frustran versucht diese Verschlüsselung zum Laufen zu 
Wo genau muß ich den Eintrag use-agent setzen?

Der Einzige Abschnitt der sich mit "agent" befaßt in gpg.conf lautet:

# Passphrase agent
# We support the old experimental passphrase agent protocol as well
# as the new Assuan based one (currently available in the "newpg" package
# at ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/aegypten/).  To make use of the agent, you 
# to run an agent as daemon and use the option

# which tries to use the agent but will fallback to the regular mode
# if there is a problem connecting to the agent.  The normal way to
# locate the agent is by looking at the environment variable
# GPG_AGENT_INFO which should have been set during gpg-agent startup.
# In certain situations the use of this variable is not possible, thus
# the option
# --gpg-agent-info=<path>:<pid>:1
# may be used to override it.

Ist das die richtige Stelle?


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