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Re: Rsnapshot

Marc Zimmermann <marcstud@tiscali.de> wrote:
> will mein Home Verzeichniss per rsnapshot auf einem Fileserver sichern.
> Hab jetzt folgendes in die rsnapshot.conf eingetragen:
> backup  /home/marc/     marc@server:/home/marc/
> Das legt mir aber nur im meinem lokalen Backupverzeichiss einen snapshot
> mit dem verzeichnis marc@server an.
> In die umgekehrte Richtung, also von Server aus mein Homeverzeichnis
> sichern funktioniert.
> Auf Server:
> backup  marc@arbeitsstation:/home/marc/       arbeitstation
> Würde gerne aber die snapshots von der Arbeitsstation aus starten. 

Q:  Can I set the snapshot_root to a remote SSH path? I want to push my
	backups to a remote server, rather than pull them from a remote server.

A: 	Currently this is not possible. This would be a nice feature, but several
    questions remain unanswered:

	* How can the integrity of the snapshot root be guaranteed if one or more
	remote servers have write access to it?

	* When snapshots are rotated, which of the potentially several remote
	servers connecting is responsible for performing this task?

	* One possibility is to have a "staging" area for files to be transferred
	to, then have rsnapshot sync from this staging area into the snapshot root.
	Can this be accomplished without taking up double the disk space?


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