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Re: Daten-CDs mit Userrechten brennen?

Dirk Salva <dsalva@nutrimatic.ping.de> wrote:

> gibt es eigentlich ein CD-Format, mit welchem ich auch die User- und
> Gruppenrechten von Dateien auf CD brennen kann?

Aber klar: Rock Ridge.

,----[ man mkisofs ]
| -R
|     Generate SUSP and RR records using the Rock Ridge protocol to
|     further describe the files on the iso9660 filesystem.
| -r
|     This is like the -R option, but file ownership and modes are set
|     to more useful values. The uid and gid are set to zero, because
|     they are usually only useful on the author's system, and not
|     useful to the client. All the file read bits are set true, so that
|     files and directories are globally readable on the client. If any
|     execute bit is set for a file, set all of the execute bits, so
|     that executables are globally executable on the client. If any
|     search bit is set for a directory, set all of the search bits, so
|     that directories are globally searchable on the client. All write
|     bits are cleared, because the CD-Rom will be mounted read-only in
|     any case. If any of the special mode bits are set, clear them,
|     because file locks are not useful on a read-only file system, and
|     set-id bits are not desirable for uid 0 or gid 0. When used on
|     Win32, the execute bit is set on all files. This is a result of
|     the lack of file permissions on Win32 and the Cygwin POSIX
|     emulation layer. See also -uid -gid, -dir-mode, -file-mode and
|     -new-dir-mode.

Du willst also groß-R


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