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Re: perl-5.8.5

* Elimar Riesebieter (riesebie@lxtec.de) [040725 20:10]:
> habe am Rande mitbekommen, daß es wohl Probleme mit dem upload von
> perl-5.8.5 gibt.
> Weiß jemand warum?

Zwei Sachen: Zum einen sind die base-dependencies "gefrozen", weil wir
bald sarge release wollen. Zum anderen gibt es derzeit erhebliche
Probleme mit der aktuellen perl-Version (von

Perl build failures

perl has two RC-bugs. AFAIK, there's currently nobody working on the
perl thing; a workaround for m68k seems to work, but no echo for arm;
see Bug 247176 for details.

Update [2004-07-19]: This Problem is getting more and more difficult,
as more and more packages depend on a package blocked by this (newest
addition: libcroco via abiword).

Update [2004-07-24]: On ARM using gcc-2.95 with -O1 seems to work.
Upgrading to perl 5.8.5 is also considered.

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