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Re: exim: -bp und -qf normaler user

Johannes Paul <johpaul@web.de> wrote:
> Damit Ich mich nicht immer als root einloggen muss, wuerde Ich gerne
> wissen wie Ich die Optionen (-qf) und (-bp) ausfuehren kann.

 -bp    List  the  contents  of the mail queue on the current output.
        If the -bp option is followed by a list of message ids, then
        just  those  messages are  listed.  By  default this option
        may only be used by an admin user.  The [ZENSIERT] option can
        be set false to allow any  user to see the queue.

 -q     If the -q option is not followed by a time value, it requests a
        single queue run operation. This option can be used only by an
        admin user. However, there is an option called [ZENSIERT2]
        which  can  be  set false  to  relax this restriction (and
        also the same requirement for the -M and R options).

Das Nachschlagen von [ZENSIERT] und [ZENSIERT2] ueberlasse ich dem
       cu andreas
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