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Re: export food products

Am 16:46 08/07/2002 +0800 hat frank geschrieben:
>Dear Sirs/Madams,
>We know your company from internet and know you buy and sell a
specialized range of food products 

Hmm, food fpt Pinguins and Little Devils...

>canned asparagus, peanut, pumpkinseed, sunflowerseed, beans, chilli,
dried fruits etc. which is 

Do the Pinguin eat it ???

>plant of ISO9002 certified, located in the center of asparagus and
fruits farms, relying on 2 

I thunk, it is iso9660...

>automatic steels processing line from Spain, and 6 advanced
auto-control sterilization, our 

Oh yes, please kill all MS-Virusses and keep it Clean.

>products now have very good sales in many countried such as  Europe,
America, Canada, Japan, 

For sale ???
You can get it free on ftp://ftp.debian.org/

>Latin America etc. We hope to enter into business with your esteemed
company based on mutual 
>benefit in order to increase our market. please feel free contact us
for our detail range of 
>products, thanks in advance.
>We looking forward to hearing from you soon

Done !!!

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