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On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 02:22:29PM +0200, Andreas Behnert wrote:
> Ach ja, fast vergessen, die aktuellen Updates sind immer
>   ftp://ftp.f-prot.com/pub/sign.zip und
>   ftp://ftp.f-prot.com/pub/macrdef2.zip

Noch einfacher:

# /etc/crontab
12 3    * * 7   root    nice /usr/local/sbin/update-fprot.sh


# Update F-Prot virus definition files automatically.

set +e

cd /tmp

rm fp-*.zip.? -f

wget -nv 'http://www.complex.is/cgi-bin/get_randomly?fp-def' -O fp-def.zip
wget -nv 'http://www.complex.is/cgi-bin/get_randomly?macrdef2' -O fp-macro.zip

cd /usr/local/f-prot
unzip -o -q /tmp/fp-def.zip
unzip -o -q /tmp/fp-macro.zip

mfg, Jens Benecke  /// http://www.linuxfaq.de, http://www.linux.ms
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