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Re: usbmouse

Jens Benecke schrieb:

> 	hid
> 	usbmouse
> 	mousedev
> in /etc/usbmgr/preload.conf eintragen. Dann

Hid zusammen mit mousedev machen usbmouse überflüssig.

|   CONFIG_USB_MOUSE:                                                                                               
|   Say Y here if you don't want to use the generic HID driver for your                                             
|   USB mouse and prefer to use the mouse in its limited Boot Protocol                                              
|   mode instead. This driver is much smaller than the HID one.                                                     

| wasa@tek ~ $ /sbin/modinfo -d usbmouse hid mousedev
| modinfo: usbmouse: no module by that name found
| "USB HID support drivers"
| "Input driver to PS/2 or ImPS/2 device driver"


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