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Re: how does root run a graphical prog

On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 11:29:14AM -0700, Vineet Kumar wrote:
> * Dave Sherohman (esper@sherohman.org) [020520 10:49]:
> > On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 06:39:22PM +0200, Kristian Rink wrote:
> > 
> Thankfully, debian's X config has by default an option (and I won't tell
> you which if you don't know, because you shouldn't remove it) that
> disables the X server from listening for and accepting incoming tcp
> connections, so 'xhost +' won't hurt you as much as it should.
> Use su and read the originating user's ~/.Xauthority, or use ssh's X
> forwarding.

On my Debian system root can automatically run X-Apps (after an su). I was
wondering why but haven't figurerd it out yet. It's not what I was used to


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