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Re: chrony will nicht

Thursday, April 4, 2002, 12:55:38 AM, Marko Schulz wrote:
> Ich glaube nicht, daß sich an der Qualität ernsthaft etwas ändert,
> wenn man statt einem aufzulösenden Namen eine IP-Adresse benutzt.

Aus der chrony-Anleitung:

3.2.1 Setting up the configuration file for infrequent connections
As in the previous section, you will need access to NTP servers on
the internet. The same remarks apply for how to find them.

In this case, you will need some additional configuration to tell
chronyd when the connection to the internet goes up and down. This
saves the program from continuously trying to poll the servers when
they are inaccessible.

Again, assuming that your ntp servers are called a.b.c and d.e.f, your
chrony.conf file would need to contain something like

server a.b.c
server d.e.f
server g.h.i

However, the following issues need to be addressed: 

Your computer probably doesn't have DNS access whilst offline to turn the
machine names into IP addresses.
Your computer will keep trying to contact the servers to obtain timestamps
even whilst offline. If you operate a dial-on-demand system, things are
even worse, because the link to the internet will keep getting established.
For this reason, it would be better to specify this part of your
configuration file in the following way:

server offline
server offline
server offline

Because numeric IP addresses have been used, the first problem is overcome.
The offline keyword indicates that the servers start in an offline state,
and that they should not be contacted until chronyd receives notification
that the link to the internet is present.

An alternative is to use the names of the NTP servers, and put entries for
them into your /etc/hosts file. This will be OK as long as files comes
before dns in the hosts line of the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.

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