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Re: coloration syntaxique avec mcedit

Le 10/10/2021 à 11:16, Bernard Schoenacker a écrit :

Je recherche un moyen d'obtenir une coloration
d'un fichier texte avec mcedit  qui est actuellement
tout tristounet ...


regarde dans le man (man mcedit), à la partie "SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTING".

petit extrait:
mcedit supports syntax highlighting. This means that keywords and contexts (like C comments, string constants, etc) are highlighted in different colors. The following section explains the format of the file ~/.config/mc/mcedit/Syntax. If this file is missing, system-wide /usr/share/mc/syntax/Syntax is used. The file ~/.config/mc/mcedit/Syntax is rescanned on opening of every new editor file. The file contains rules for highlighting, each of which is given on a separate line, and define which keywords will be highlighted with what color.

The file is divided into sections, each beginning with a line with the file command. The sections are normally put into separate files using the include command.


Amuse-toi bien :-)

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