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Re: accents dans console [RESOLU]

giggz a écrit :
 ma foi d'accord! ça  me va comme explication. alors je teste...

ben en tt cas la transition se fait en douceur...aucun problème noté
pour l'instant. j'ai  les accents dans toutes les virtual consoles...

kbd dépend de console-common ou console-setup, et recommande console-data ou console-setup, je pense que tu peux aussi installer console-setup.

Voici la description de console-setup :

Description: Set up the font and the keyboard on the console
 The package provides the Linux console with the same versatile
 keyboard configuration that the X Window System uses.  As a result
 there is no need to duplicate or change the keyboard files just to
 make simple customisations such as the use of dead keys, the key
 functioning as AltGr or Compose key, the key(s) to switch between
 Latin and non-Latin mode, etc.
 The package also contains console fonts supporting many of the
 world's languages.  It provides an unified set of font faces - the
 classic VGA, the simplistic Fixed, and the cleaned Terminus,
 TerminusBold and TerminusBoldVGA.

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