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Re: nombre maximal de fichiers pour une partition

On 5 fév, 20:50, Damien VAILLANT <damelo...@club-internet.fr> wrote:
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> mboss a écrit :>>> Evidemment, il n'y a plus de place pour les inodes;  Comment puis-je
> >>> augmenter l'espace réservé aux inodes sur ma partition ext3?
> >> mke2fs -T news ....
> >> V. man mke2fs (à ma connaissance, on peut redimensionner une partoche, pas
> >> chnger son nb d'inodes sans reformater)
> > Merci,  ... Je suis donc obligé de reformater?
> Extrait du man mke2fs:
> >  -I inode-size
> >               Specify the size of each inode in bytes.  mke2fs creates 128-byte inodes by default.  In kernels after 2.6.10 and some  earlier
> >               vendor  kernels  it is possible to utilize larger inodes to store extended attributes for improved performance.  The inode-size
> >               value must be a power of two larger or equal to 128.  The larger the inode-size the more space the inode  table  will  consume,
> >               and  this  reduces  the  usable space in the filesystem and can also negatively impact performance.  Using the default value is
> >               always safe, though it may be desirable to use 256-byte inodes if full backward  compatibility  is  not  a  concern.   Extended
> >               attributes  stored in large inodes are not visible with older kernels, and such filesystems will not be mountable with 2.4 ker?
> >               nels at all.  It is not possible to change this value after the filesystem is created.
> Donc, reformat obligatoire...
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Ben, je crois que je vais reformater   la partition;
Je vous tiendrai au courant.

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