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impossible d'envoyer des messages smtp.orange.fr

il m'est impossible d'envoyer des messages mais je les recois tous.
Ma postfix est configuré pour relay_relayhost = [smtp.orange.fr]
Pour une configuration identique dans ma sarge qui marche bien,
ma etch ne veut rien savoir.
En tous les cas cela doit être une question postfix car avec icedove
j'ai pas de problèmes.
L'erreur est la suivante:
 Recipient address rejected: Missing Authentication (in reply to
RCPT TO command)

Quelqu'un pourrait me mettre sur une piste?


As I argued in "Beloved Son", a book about my son Brian and the subject
of religious communes and cults, one result of proper early instruction
in the methods of rational thought will be to make sudden mindless
conversions -- to anything -- less likely.  Brian now realizes this and
has, after eleven years, left the sect he was associated with.  The
problem is that once the untrained mind has made a formal commitment to
a religious philosophy -- and it does not matter whether that philosophy
is generally reasonable and high-minded or utterly bizarre and
irrational -- the powers of reason are surprisingly ineffective in
changing the believer's mind.
- Steve Allen, comedian, from an essay in the book "The Courage of
  Conviction", edited by Philip Berman

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