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Re: ispell French dictionary

Sebastian John a écrit :
> Hello,
> I have a problem: Im searching for a special ispell French dictionary,
> in order to compare algorithmic results.
> In the article : FA Minimisation heuristics for a class of finite
> languages, Jérôme Amilhastre and Philippe Janssen and Marie-Catherine
> Vilarem, 1999 they use an old ispell French dictionary - I wrote them
> to get a copy ... but they do not work on that subject anymore : so
> the dictionary is gone. Thus I was looking in the NET. They say it is
> an old one and the number of words have increased till now.
> In the paper, they claim the dictionary has 58233 words - this is the
> one I need.
> As I figured out : The actual dictionary, which is stable at least
> since 31.12.1994, has just 47618 words included. So, there is
> something strange ...
> Even if I put wrongly the affix file to it : there are all together
> just 51792 entries.
> I checked francais-IREQ-1.4 and francais-IREQ-1.3.
> Im looking forward if there is someone who can help me out.
> Thanx Sebastian.
> ps: I dont speak any French.
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I'm not quite sure to understand what you exactly do want but...
Maybe this page (esopecially the links therein) would be helpfull :


Hope this helps...


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